Ongoing Research Projects
Resource Scarcity & Women's Competition

My dissertation research examines whether resource scarcity might have important implications for women's perceptions of same- (vs. opposite-) sex others' competitiveness, and, thus, their social relationships in competitive environments, such as the workplace.

Willingness to Try New Food​ & Perceptions of Sociosexuality

Guided by past research showing that food neophobia is related to a more unrestricted mating strategy, my colleagues and I have been examining whether target's willingness to try new food provides a cue of their sociosexual orientation.

Social Status & Disgust Sensitivity

Because social status plays an important role in modulating the costs associated with pathogen-avoidance behaviors, social status may be conceptually linked to disgust sensitivity in ways that have important implications for person perception. My colleagues and I have been examining this possibility across a series of studies. 

Pathogen-Avoidance Motivation, Control over Pathogen Exposure, & Basal Immunological Activity​

This research line examines how one's ability to behaviorally regulate pathogen exposure modulates disgust sensitivity and the activities of the immune system.

Science is a team sport. These projects wouldn't be possible without the help of my awesome lab mates, outside collaborators, and a small army of undergraduate research assistants.
If you're interested in collaborating, please feel free to reach out to me. My email is provided at the bottom of the page. 
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